Off-site Confidential Document Shredding

Our Off-site confidential documents shredding sees all documents shredded and destructed in our Industrial Shredder. Clients can arrange for authorized representative to come and witness the overall destruction process at our facility and a Certification of Destruction will be presented upon completion.

Our dedicated Secure Shredding Facility (SSF) is only accessed by appointments, where pre-registration is required for visitors. Should you request for a site visit to our facility, kind drop us a call or email for arrangements.

On-site Confidential Document Shredding

Our On-site confidential documents shredding or "EcoShred" provides clients the convenience of witnessing the destruction process on the spot itself. A Certification of Destruction will be presented upon completion.

Hard Disk Shredding

Our media & Hard Disk Shredding service allows both On-site and Off-site shredding of hard disks, back-up tapes, DVDs etc. Just as our confidential documents shredding services, a Certification of Destruction will be presented upon completion.

Recycling Management Program

Implement a Green Initiative at your organisation and do your part for the environment.

Our Recycling Management Program includes the introduction of various recycling initiatives and the setting up & managing of various “Green Corners”, with the target to create awareness on the premises towards this Green Initiative.

In building up an efficient Waste and Resource Management, we provide support at both a strategic and operational level, involving the design, implementation, operation and monitoring of these programs.

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